Every successful company is built on strong foundations

This is what we stand for at Alychlo

Making a difference

We invest in extraordinary companies that make a difference. That difference can be improving healthcare, developing new technologies, providing high value added services, creating a large number of jobs or even reinventing entire industries.

People first

We believe that extraordinary companies are run by extraordinary people and work as a true partner with founders and managers.


Alychlo is wholly owned by Belgian entrepreneur Marc Coucke and all our investments are made from our own balance sheet and for our own account.


We have a long term outlook and are very ambitious in everything we do. Sustainability and equality are non negotiable.


While we are flexible investors, we typically aim to invest between € 5 and 50 million per opportunity.

Deep-rooted entrepreneurship

Alychlo was founded out of love for shaping and developing companies by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.