La Petite Merveille

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La Petite Merveille

LPM is redefining tourism in Durbuy, the “smallest city in the world”

LPM, is jointly with Sanglier des Ardennes, redefining tourism in Durbuy, the “smallest city in the world”. Whilst Sanglier des Ardennes comprises mainly accommodation and restauration is LPM focused on activities. LPM combines Adventure Valley, an entirely renovated and vastly expanded indoor and outdoor adventure park, golf courses, escape rooms, and many other activities. Next to that LPM is a well-known organizer of nature classes for Belgian primary schools and offer a diverse set of summer camps for children and young-adults.

The total Alychlo investment in Durbuy encompasses over € 100 million through a comprehensive development program with a continuous focus on quality, authenticity and ecology.

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