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09/06/2022 - Proximus and LPM join forces to boost connectivity and stimulate innovation in Durbuy

Proximus and LPM join forces to boost connectivity and stimulate innovation in Durbuy

Proximus and LPM join forces to boost connectivity and stimulate innovation in Durbuy

Durbuy, known for its family feel and friendly character, is a favorite destination among Belgian and foreign tourists. In recent years, it has established itself as one of the major tourist centers in the Walloon Region, supported by the major investments made by entrepreneur Marc Coucke, via his investment company Alychlo. These investments are part of a comprehensive approach that puts the emphasis on quality, local involvement, authenticity and  sustainability.

Enhanced  fixed and mobile connectivity, 5G deployment

The agreement between Proximus and LPM presented today should further consolidate Durbuy’s growing reputation as a jewel in the crown of Walloon tourism. The partnership will place Durbuy at the forefront of future network connectivity in Wallonia, driven by an accelerated roll-out of fiber and an overall improvement of mobile coverage in and around the town. These investments should also be valuable to local merchants and ensure, among other things, better functioning digital payments for small and medium-sized businesses.

As regards mobile coverage, Proximus intends to activate 5G in the old town as soon as possible, while, of course, respecting the standards and regulations defined by the Walloon Region. This would make Durbuy the first Walloon town to benefit from 5G coverage in the 3.6-3.8 GHz band, which will be essential  for large-scale deployment in the coming years. The procedure with the regulator, ISSeP, is underway, and the town of Durbuy and Proximus are confident that the necessary authorizations will be granted in the near future.

This investment responds to the growing demand for quality connectivity in Durbuy town center and its surrounding area.

Building the  future of Durbuy together

Beyond state-of-the-art connectivity, the partnership will facilitate the development of new innovative applications in the tourism sector. The objective is to integrate new technologies (such as augmented or virtual reality) into several tourist attractions or applications where they have an added value, and to offer a differentiating digital experience for inhabitants, tourists and visitors. This will of course be done with due respect for the family-friendly feel that gives the Ardennes its unrivaled charm.

A third pillar of the cooperation concerns data analytics, which will  allow to better adapt the tourist offer to the expectations and preferences of visitors and improve safety, particularly during events. Finally, the two companies will work together on the organization and promotion of events, mainly in the field of music, sport and e-sport, which naturally make use of these new technologies.