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15/02/2021 - Alychlo invests in vertical farming

Alychlo invests in vertical farming

Alychlo invests in vertical farming

For the past five years, David Van Steenkiste has been spending every day in his large herb garden or out in nature picking herbs or edible flowers. Seeing the drought increasing every year, he started looking for alternative, ecological methods to grow plants in a limited space and using less water.

In his search, he discovered Tower Farms. These towers  made of recycled plastic make it possible to grow 20 to 36 plants (herbs, vegetables, fruit...) on a small surface. An ingenious irrigation system feeds the roots of the plants and can reduce water consumption by up to 95%. By planting vertically, you also gain 90% in space. A clear win-win therefore for e.g. private individuals who want to grow plants on a small surface area or chefs who want to have their own 'herb garden' in their kitchen!

Alycho fully underscribed this ecological and sustainable growing method and decided to co-invest with David Van Steenkiste to bring this technology to the market.

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