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27/01/2022 - Ekopak partakes in joint venture to recycle Antwerp waste water

Ekopak stapt in joint venture die Antwerps afvalwater gaat recycleren

Ekopak s'engage dans une joint-venture de recyclage d'eaux usées d'Anvers

Alychlo is excited to announce that Ekopak, an ESG driven company, that markets industrial water solutions, announced its collaboration with PMV and water-link to convert the treated waste water from 400.000 Antwerp households into cooling water for companies in the Port of Antwerp by 2025. The collaboration is named Waterkracht ('the power of water') and is a significant milestone in the transition to a sustainable port. 

The press release can be found on https://ekopaksustainablewater.com/nl/pers-nieuw/