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14/11/2020 - Alychlo invests in turnaround fund to support Belgian companies in difficulties

Alychlo investeert in herstructureringsfonds

Alychlo investit dans fonds de restructuration

Alychlo, firm believer and supporter of Belgian growth stories, is happy to share their most recent investment in CIM Capital Restruct Fund. 

CIM Capital Restruct Fund is a private equity fund to support Belgian companies that get into difficulties due to external factors such as the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, excessive debt, lack of strong management or lack of succession. 

Together with the CIM Capital team we, as Alychlo, want to make the difference to support Belgian companies in the current challenging times.

An interesting article has been published by De Tijd: https://www.tijd.be/ondernemen/durfkapitaal/tom-waes-en-marc-coucke-helpen-bedrijven-mee-aan-turnaround/10265118

Full press release by CIM Capital: https://www.cimcapital.be/14nov.html