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miDiagnostics raises funds with existing shareholders, leading life science and tech investors




miDiagnostics, one of our first investments at Alychlo, has raised 14 m euro with existing shareholders as well as leading life science and tech investors Dr. Rudi Pauwels and Dr. Ir. Urbain Vandeurzen.

miDiagnostics is using silicon chip technology that will bring miniaturized, rapid, easy-to-use, lab-quality tests with built-in connectivity direct to the patient and clinician regardless of location.

The funds will be used to accelerate the development of miDiagnostics’ proprietary nanofluidic processor on a chip, and to prepare it for industrial-scale manufacturing. miDiagnostics’ unique technology will enable fast, comprehensive and cost-effective analysis of a wide range of health conditions.

Full press release: https://www.midiagnostics.com/news/midiagnostics-raises-e14m-to-accelerate-the-commercialization-of-its-disruptive-lab-quality-silicon-chip-diagnostics-platform/